In Marina Hábitat Inmobiliaria we are professionals with decades of experience in the administration in properties and/or communities of owners.

The property manager (community administrator, community manager or property manager) is a professional who is responsible for managing, at the request of owners of rural or urban properties, or by decision of a board of owners, financial matters, Legal and technical necessary for the maintenance and economic management thereof.

The functions of the Community Administrators are defined in Article 20 of the Horizontal Property Law, which reads as follows:

“It is the responsibility of the Administrator:

  1. To watch over the good regime of the house, its facilities and services, and to make to these effects the appropriate warnings and warnings to the holders.
  2. Prepare in advance and submit to the Board the plan of foreseeable expenses, proposing the necessary means to deal with them.
  3. To attend to the conservation and entertainment of the house, arranging the repairs and measures that are urgent, giving immediate account of them to the President or, if appropriate, the owners.
  4. Execute the agreements adopted in the matter of works and make the payments and make the appropriate collections.
  5. Acting, as the case may be, Secretary of the Board and custody of the documentation of the community at the disposal of the holders.
  6. All other powers conferred by the Board.
  7. To mediate between the community and the owner, between the owners themselves, between the community and the Public Administrations.
  8. Guard documentation of landlord or community.
  9. Issue certificates of debt or current of payment for a correct legal claim or real estate transaction.
  10. Establish accounting criteria and clear and precise information, make settlements for approval, update rents, rebuild works, take charge of receipts to tenants or landlords, impacting individual consumption that can be individualization, delinquent, debtors. From payments to suppliers, payroll, creditors, etc.”

Marina Hábitat Administración y Gestión Inmobiliaria, S.L.U
Felipe García Lubat
Agent of Property Collegiate Property No. 923
Administrator of Properties Collegiate Nº 1522
Company Registered in the Registry of Exploitation Companies
Of Tourist Apartments with the Nº EEAT-532-A

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